Boy pass test - Doncaster driving lesson
Girl pass test - Doncaster driving lesson
Become an Instructor - Part 3
Practical test of your ability to instruct

The object of this test is to assess the quality of your instructional ability against a specific criteria. The subject matter on this test is entirely up to you. The examiner will sit in the back of the car observing the lesson. You will be assessed on 17 key elements and given a score on your performance throughout the test. Your student can be a learner driver who you are teaching a new subject to, or a more experienced driver (including a full licence holder) whose skills you are improving. There are 3 main criteria that will make up your total score and these are:

  • Lesson planning = 12 points
  • Risk Management = 15 points
  • Teaching and learning strategies = 24 points

You must score a minimum of 31 points out of a possible 51 points to achieve a pass with a minimum of 7 points on the risk assessment element.

Your insurance must cover, for the duration of the test, any liability that the pupil may have for all third party and damage risks and for liability to any passenger, including any official passenger. The insurance cover should not name a specific driver as you cannot guarantee your pupil will be able to attend. The DVSA or ourselves cannot accept responsibility for risks not covered by insurance, including the loss of any no claims bonus or the cost of repairing any minor damage. If either the car itself or or the insurance does not meet with these requirements, the test will not be conducted and the fee will be forfeited.

You may choose any of the following lesson themes for your test:
  • Junctions
  • Town and city driving
  • Interacting with other road users
  • Dual carriageway/faster moving roads
  • Defensive driving
  • Effective use of mirrors
  • Independent driving
  • Rural roads
  • Motorways
  • Eco-safe driving
  • Recap a manoeuvre
  • Commentary
  • Recap emergency stop.

Using role-play, your dedicated trainer will first teach you how to identify and correct faults in a safe and timely manner. You will then move on to teaching specific lessons that will eventually cover all elements of driver training. Only when your trainer is satisfied that you are ready to effectively teach pupils will you be considered for a trainee licence, which will allow you to develop your teaching skills whilst being closely and constantly monitored by them.

The DVSA requirement for this licence is a minimum of 40 hours training and we believe this is a very realistic point at which to begin to take learner drivers. Once you have developed your skills sufficiently to be confident you and your trainer can look at dates to take the part 3 test.

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